Math Webinar Playlist

Help struggling math students transform into math heroes! This series of one-hour videos will show you research-based practices for students struggling with math, intervention research and resources, ways to create a math intervention improvement plan, and will provide examples form educators across the state!

Math Intervention Webinar 1: Overview and Screening

In this webinar, we present a brief overview of Wisconsin's RtI framework and key considerations for universal screening. Lisa Krohn presents Johnson Creek's screening process and how the district uses the data for instructional decision-making.

Math Intervention Webinar 2: Include Motivational Strategies

In this webinar, we present the research behind motivation in math and strategies for creating conditions that support development of positive "mathematical selves." Jackie Amlong, Patty Fitzgerald, & Kari Niemeyer, Oregon School District Math Interventionists, discuss how they develop students' growth mindset and create an environment that's conducive to learning. Math consultant Lorna Vazquez shares how to engage students in goal setting by creating clear road maps for learning.

Math Intervention Webinar 3: Content of Interventions

In this webinar, we present the research on the CONTENT of mathematic interventions: Just what DO we intervene on with students who are struggling? Featured presenters include Karen Stuttgen, Interventionist in the Fall Creek School District, Mary Ann Modrak, Math Recovery Specialist & CESA 10 Math Coach, and Michelle Parks, CESA 10 Math Consultant. They share critical concepts and understanding students need, starting with number sense and building through rational numbers.

Math Intervention Webinar 4: Using Visual Representations

In this webinar, we present the research on the use of visual representations in interventions. Guest presenters Dina Mendola (Math Recovery coach) and Jamie Neary (Cudahy SD teacher) share strategies for using multiple representations to build student understanding and fluency with whole and rational numbers. A follow up video from Ken Davis, DPI Math consultant, shows how visual representations can be extended for use at the middle and high school level.

Math Intervention Webinar 5: Explicit and Systematic Instruction

In this webinar, we define and discuss the use of explicit and systematic instruction in interventions. Guest presenters Aaron White, Becky Meyer, and Paula Mueller share how these concepts translate into practice in the school district of Menomonee Falls.

Math Intervention Webinar 6: Fluency

This 3/17/16 webinar provides research on how to effectively develop student fluency with strategies, which, in turn, help to develop student fluency with facts and procedures. Lori Williams from the Manitowoc School District and Ken Davis of DPI share instructional strategies and considerations for implementation of this recommendation.

Math Intervention Webinar 7: Monitor the Progress of Students

In this webinar, we present the recommendations of the IES guide for monitoring the progress of students receiving interventions. This recommendation includes using both general outcome measures and curriculum embedded assessments to provide a full picture of student growth. We also emphasize that progress monitoring is more than probes and graphs: It's a collaborative process for data-based decision-making. New Berlin Math Coaches Susan Marschman, Debra Moore, and Trudy Wahlen share their district's implementation of these recommendations.

Math Intervention Webinar 8: Final Video and Summary

In this final webinar of the series, Sara Summ provides an overview of critical points in a multi-level system of support and a summary of the recommended practices presented this year. She also includes a set of questions schools can use for consideration around each practice.