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Milwaukee College Prep Sch
Milwaukee College Prep Sch

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The Milwaukee College Prep (MCP) RTI leadership team demonstrates a proactive whatever it takes approach when meeting the needs of its students and it shows.  The team of ten discussed a teacher friendly, no excuses approach requiring parent involvement while keeping the needs of the child at the center of the conversation.

Based in the Marva Collins philosophy of students don’t fail, teachers do, this K-8 public charter school located in the City of Milwaukee leads its RtI efforts with a strong universal instructional and behavioral base that is monitored via classroom visits, weekly professional development and data.  Teachers are expected to try multiple classroom interventions before a student’s needs are presented to the leadership team.  Then the team describes the RtI process as one that is for the student that is keeping you up at night.  

The MCP RTI leadership team has developed a dean driven process for supporting teachers.  They have an academic dean that meets with grade level teachers on a weekly basis to maintain and support their universal instruction while emphasizing that the teacher is the expert.  Once a teacher has exhausted classroom protocols for meeting a student’s behavioral or academic needs, he or she has a conversation with the behavioral dean who using a scripted approach, talks through other options that may or may not lead to the completion of a RtI referral form.

Data is collected and monitored in four areas for all students: lifework (homework), discipline, attendance and weekly assessments.  At the intervention table, teachers, administrators and the leadership team look at data for indicators that the student is making progress, needs adaptations in the intervention or a completely new course of action.

This strong collaborative effort requires perseverance and a constant feedback loop.  One team member, a social worker, stated that we have the really hard conversations with the understanding that we always assume the best.

Spring 2011 DataPercent of grade 3-8 students scoring proficient/advanced on the WKCE:

  • Math 85%
  • Reading 90%

Additionally in Spring 2010,

  • 100% of our 4th grade students scored 100% advanced or proficient on the Social Studies section of the WKCE test.
  • 100% of our 8th grade students scored advanced or proficient on the Reading section of the WKCE test.

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