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Stoughton Area School District has a non-negotiable: all means ALL. Stoughton staff members possess a set of values that recognize diversity, and they are committed to incorporate culturally responsive practices to best serve the students within their community. Keep in mind, the “business as usual” practices that now occur systemically and systematically across the district did not happen overnight.

In order to get a full picture of Stoughton Area School District’s equity access journey, one needs to flash back to the year 2002 where an outside evaluation was done for the purpose of reexamining the district’s services delivery model. The data that was provided to the district was a reality check and seemed to be a mismatch to the perceptions of many educators and administrators within the district. The evaluation stated the district had problems such as: no common philosophy; low student achievement; high levels of labeling and pullout services; lack of educational equity understanding.

The evaluation was a turning point for the district. They recognized the power of making decisions based on data and set the goal of providing an Integrated Comprehensive Services Delivery Model to all students in the district. It is important to note the year because Stoughton would be the first to say you cannot expect a deep cultural reform to occur in one year. The district understood that adaptive changes take at least three to five years, and they carefully took this into consideration throughout the entire process. 
Stoughton Area School District began the implementation journey by forming a district service delivery team. This leadership team immersed themselves in learning about research-based best practices and focused on developing a common understanding of topics pertaining to social justice.

Next, the district formed building service delivery teams for the purpose of collaboratively planning next steps. Stoughton recognized the importance of creating a common vision and philosophy among all staff, and this work was done before any structural work began.

After two years of detailed planning, the district moved forward with the implementation of an integrated comprehensive services delivery model. All students had equitable access to grade level standards in the classroom. This was successfully accomplished by integrating staff and students, curriculum, instructional practices, and redesigning assessments.

Stoughton’s careful planning at each level of implementation along with ongoing staff development and educator support has resulted in a national award-winning services delivery model that is certain to sustain itself and only get better as the district continues to refine its culturally responsive practices. 

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