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Due to Lake Geneva Middle School’s recent implementation of Target Time as part of a multi-level system of support, students are gaining confidence, teachers are having rich conversations regarding student growth and data, and parents are encouraged by their child’s growth in the classroom. Target Time provides students with 35 minutes of additional instruction or enrichment in reading or mathematics four times a week. “You can literally see the increase in student engagement and confidence as a result of the additional supports and extensions being offered to students. Recent data supports this as well,” commented Anne Heck, principal at Lake Geneva Middle School. 

So how did this middle school find 35 extra minutes within their school day? “We used the 12 minutes a day from advisory time and took two minutes from every hour and three minutes from study hall for a total of 35 minutes,” explained Heck. “Schools really have to think outside of the box to find this additional time, but it can be done.” During this time, students are divided among the entire staff to receive enrichment or additional help in reading or mathematics based on their individual learning needs. Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) scores are used to form the different groups. Administrators are also scheduled into a reading or mathematics classroom twice a week to help with students receiving intensive supports. 

Grade-level teams meet weekly to discuss the type of instruction students are receiving during Target Time and how the students are responding to that instruction. At least once a month after school, exploratory teachers join those conversations. “The cross-curricular conversations that include the exploratory, PE, and music departments are invaluable. More conversations are being held about math and how to help students,” Heck said.

Even though the initial implementation of Target Time has required additional work, teachers state they are seeing positive differences in the classroom. “I found it important to create the schedules and handle the logistics in order for teachers to focus on designing instruction. Additionally, we have received positive feedback from parents and students as well,” Heck said. While Heck is the first to admit that they are just starting this work, she feels it is well worth the effort and is happy to share ideas and lessons learned with other middle schools. 

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