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Event DateEvent NamePresentationDescription
Dec 17, 2013Integrated Networking & Technical AssistanceIntegrated Networking & Technical Assistance - CESA 1''
Dec 15, 2015Integrated Networking & Technical AssistancePBIS/RtI Integrated Networking'\'\'Four Integral Sessions for Enhancing Your Systems\'\''
Dec 15, 2015Improving Your Screening & Progress Monitoring ProcessScreening & Progress Monitoring Flyer - CESA 12'\'\''
Dec 14, 2017Networking and Technical Assistance (Integrated)Flyer Integrated Networking Berlin''
Dec 13, 2013CESA #1: Response to Effective Interventions (RtEI)Response to Effective Interventions''
Dec 13, 2013Universal Design for LearningUniversal Design for Learning''
Dec 11, 2017PBIS/MLSS 2017 Leadership Conference in ReviewLeadership Conference Flyer''
Dec 9, 2015Reviewing Universal Reading Instruction**Universal Reading Instruction Flyer - CESA 6**'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\'\''
Dec 9, 2014Universal Design for Learning (UDL)Universal Design for Learning Flyer 2014-2015'\'\'\'\''
Dec 7, 2016Reviewing Universal Reading InstructionReviewing Universal Reading Instruction - Marshfield''