Overview: Six Types of Family Involvement

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Estimated time: 30 minutes

Audience: parents & families, educators, administrators


To provide concrete examples of each of the Six Types of Family Involvement and to explore how the partnership experiences link to the components of the RtI Model.


A one-page description of an example of each type of family involvement provides a concrete sense of how School, Family and Community Partnerships can be initiated and sustained.  Discussion about each type and its relationship to the RtI components will help families understand how they can fully participate in their child’s educational experience.  

Link to RtI Concepts and/or Research-based practices

This activity is linked to all of the components of the Wisconsin RtI Framework and all six of the Epstein school, family, and community partnership types.


  1. Read all the articles listed in the resources
  2. Fill in the Six Types of Family Engagement/Wisconsin RtI Essential Elements Chart.

For reflection:
Think about the following questions and write your response in your journal.

  • Besides the identified type of engagement, what other types could be addressed with each example provided in the articles?
  • How does each of the examples fit into the Wisconsin RtI Framework (high quality instruction, collaboration, balanced assessment, culturally responsive practices in a multi-level system of support)?
  • Look at the column about “Possible Outcomes” in the 6 Types-RtI Components Chart: what other outcomes might be possible?
  • What could you do in your school to meet a similar outcome?


Going Deeper

Additional Resources

The National Network of Partnership Schools website


Group Activity