Going Deeper: Cultural Diversity Scenario

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Estimated time: 45 minutes

Target audience: educators, administrators


Culturally responsive practice means that schools make sure to “learn from and relate respectively with people of all cultures.”  When we think of culture we are talking about what is important in each student’s way of life.  This activity provides one example of a strategy for teachers to build relationships with student’s families. The purpose of this activity is to allow participants to gain a deeper knowledge of effective family and community involvement strategies and their use in a school setting.  Participants will be asked to consider the following:  

  1. Which family and community involvement strategies will foster school improvement?
  2. Which family and community involvement strategies will foster increased support for student achievement?
  3. Which family and community involvement strategies will foster better school-teacher-family relations?

By completing this activity participants will learn how teachers can address the needs of a highly diverse student population by drawing on family and community resources.


You will read a scenario and reflect on questions related to diversity.  Following individual reflection, you will also review a research synthesis related to the scenario and asked to look for connections between the research and the strategies portrayed in the scenario. 

Link to RtI Concepts and/or Research-based practices

Epstein’s Six Types of Family-School-Community Partnerships:  Communication, Parenting, and Connecting with the Community.  Acknowledging the need to find ways to communicate effective with diverse families, supporting their role as parents, and working with community resources are key.

RtI Model Components:  Collaboration, Cultural Responsiveness


  1. Read the scenario on Focusing on Involvement with Families Representing Diverse Populations
  2. After reading the scenario, please consider the following questions: 
    1. What are the successes? 
    2. What are the challenges?
    3. What actions are being taken in this scenario to impact student needs or achievement? 
    4. How does this scenario connect to what your school’s or district’s experiences are with diversity and culture?
  3. Open and review the findings and recommendations handout titled Diversity: Findings and Recommendations.
  4. Consider the following: 
    1. How do your observations about the scenario in the first part of this activity reinforce what is said in the findings and recommendations? 
    2. How does this information resonate with you and your community?  How does it relate to your experiences in your community?
  5. Reflect upon the questions above.


Focusing on Involvement With Families Representing Diverse Populations [pdf]

Diversity: Findings and Recommendations [pdf]

Additional Resources

Beyond the Building:  Facilitator Guide
King, S. & Goodwin, A.,  Culturally Responsive Parental Involvement:  Concrete Understandings and Basic Strategies



Group Activity

Estimated time: 1 hour

Activity Directions for Groups [pdf]

Additional Handouts:

  • None