RtI in Action

Implementing a quality RtI system is a process that can take several years. But, it can be achieved! If you are an educational leader who wants to both bring RtI to your school and ensure that your efforts are sustainable, this schedule will best suit your needs:

  • Begin with purpose building trainings and support. These trainings and activities will provide a crucial overview of the RtI process. Schools typically spend a year in the purpose building phase. 
  • During year two or three, buildings can move on to infrastructure/implementation trainings and support, which will help schools layer on supports as they implement RtI. The infrastructure and implementation process takes several years and requires adjustment before a building reaches high quality implementation throughout the entire system. Wisconsin RtI Stories are videos developed with the Educational Communications Board to illustrate how a few schools are progressing along their RtI journey.
  • Finally, sustainability trainings and support are useful for schools as they continue to practice RtI with fidelity and monitor students’ progress.  Demonstration Sites follow schools as they align the RtI systems already in place with the Wisconsin RtI Framework

Schools that have embraced the RtI process are seeing great things happen. These schools see results because they have established a clear organizational framework for achieving higher levels of academic and behavioral success for ALL students.

To view specific examples of schools that have found success within the RtI framework, view the links to your left.

Has your school successfully implemented an RtI process, and you’d like to share the results? Please contact us today.


Implementation Toolkit

The Wisconsin RtI Center has put together a toolkit with the following documents. We recommend your school or district work through these documents in order with assistance from your regional technical assistance coordinator.