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Reviewing Universal Reading Instruction

February 9, 2022

Online Event
08:30 am - 03:00 pm
Jill Dockerty
Kelly Fassbender
Karen O'Donnell

During this 4-day, team-based training, school teams will learn how to refine their school-wide implementation of strong universal reading instruction. This is a great opportunity for district-wide alignment.

Online Training Dates:
February 9, 2022
February 10, 2022
March 2, 2022
March 3, 2022

8:30am – 3:00pm

Important Notes:

  • This training is entirely online through Zoom
  • Upon registration, your regional technical assistance coordinator will be meeting with your team online to prepare for upcoming training pre-work.


  • Understand the key components and mindsets necessary to increase the effectiveness of the universal tier for literacy.
  • Examine the effectiveness of your current universal literacy model including barriers, challenges, and successes.
  • Begin to develop an implementation plan for school improvement around the universal level of literacy instruction.


  • School or district teams of three or more (principal or school/district decision maker, such as curriculum director is essential).
  • Representation of general education (including 4K teachers for elementary teams and cross-content area teachers for secondary teams) and special¬†education (including Early Childhood).
  • Support staff and specialists including reading specialists, literacy coaches, Title One, ESL, gifted and talented.

Cost: $200 per participant
Contact: Rachel Denning directly to register
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 715-720-2077

Resource: Reviewing Universal Reading Instruction Flyer 2021-22