Screening and Progress Monitoring Resources

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School-wide Process for Responding to Student Need

Multi-level System Roadmap
This graphic shows all of the essential elements of a culturally responsive, multi-level system of support from a student-level perspective.

Multi-level System Roadmap Worksheet
This fillable worksheet helps teams analyze what elements of a multi-level system of support are currently present in their school/district and what elements still need to be refined.

Elementary example of using a screening and progress monitoring process: Miguel
This brief scenario describes a possible screening and progress monitoring process that an elementary team may use with a student working above benchmark. Reminder: any specific examples of assessments or tools are for illustrative purposes only.

Secondary example of a screening and progress monitoring process: Omarina's story

Wisconsin RtI Center: RtI Implementation Self-Assessment Tools

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Response to Intervention: A Guiding Document

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Strategic Assessment System


Everyone Graduates Center

Understanding Program Monitoring: The relationships among outcomes, indicators, measures, and targets

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Every Child a Graduate

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Academic Standards

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: School and District Report Cards

Montgomery County Schools, Maryland: Seven Keys to College Readiness

Screening Measures

Selecting Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools
This document provides key guiding questions and considerations for teams as they explore options for screening and progress monitoring tools.

Selecting a Screener: Comparison Grid
This document is based on the Selecting Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools document. It is designed to facilitate comparison among screeners under consideration.

Risk Indicators for Not Completing High School
This document lists research-based risk indicators for not graduating that can be gathered from existing data and used as part of an early-warning system.

Predictors of Postsecondary Success
This document lists research-based predictors for post-secondary success that can be gathered from existing data and used as part of an early-warning system.

American Institutes for Research's Early Warning System Tool

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: DEWS

National Center on RtI: Screening Tools Chart

Progress Monitoring Measures

Practice with Progress Monitoring Chart
This activity teaches the basic components of a progress monitoring chart.

National Center on RtI: What is Progress Monitoring?

ASCD: Brief Summary of Progress Monitoring

RtI Action Network: Progress Monitoring within an RtI Model

Iris Center Assessment Modules: Classroom Assessment Part 1- An Introduction to Monitoring Academic Achievement in the Classroom

Wisconsin RtI Center: Selecting Tools for Screening and Progress Monitoring

National Center on Intensive Interventions: Progress Monitoring Tools Chart

Intervention Central: Curriculum Based Measurement Warehouse

Decision Rules and Protocols

Wisconsin Department of Instruction: Assessment of Reading Readiness

Glaude, C (2011). When Students Fail to Learn: Protocols for a Schoolwide Response. Solution Tree. (book)

Interventions and Additional Challenges

Wisconsin RtI Center: Select Interventions and Additional Challenges Learning Module

Plan Logistics

Planning Logistics Checklist
These guiding questions assist schools in establishing and sustaining a screening process.

Wisconsin RtI Center: Plan Logistics Learning Module

Screen Students and Organize Data

Onalaska High School Early Warning System

Review Data and Set Goals

Quality School Development Department: Data walls

RtI Action Network: Data analysis team process

Protocol to examine universal screening data for system level improvement

Dig Deeper

Wisconsin RtI Center: Digging Deeper Learning Module

Kekahio, W & Baker, M. (2013). Five steps for structuring data-informed conversations and action in education. Washington DC: U.S. Dept. of Ed., IES, NCEERA, and REL-Pacific.

Burns, M., Sarlo, R., Pettersson. Problem Analysis Within an RtI Framework at a Secondary School

Crandon School District Digging Deeper video

Match Supports to Needs

Wisconsin RtI Center: Match Supports to Needs Module

Wisconsin RtI Center: Implementation Tools in a Continuum of Supports

Progress Monitor and Adjust Accordingly

Student Support Profile
This form allows staff to summarize and track student level information about interventions or additional challenges.

Planning Progress Monitoring Logistics
These guiding questions assist schools in establishing and sustaining a progress monitoring process.

Practice with Decision Rules
This activity teaches the application of different decision rules when progress monitoring.

National Center on RtI: Using Progress Monitoring Data for Decision-Making

National Center on RtI: Common Progress Monitoring Omissions

RtI Action Network: Getting the Best Return on Investments from MTSS/RtI Assessments

Wisconsin RtI Center: Intervention Tracking Tool

National Center on Intensive Intervention: Progress Monitoring for Data Collection

Evaluate and Refine the Process

Wisconsin RtI Center Self Assessment Tools

Six Characteristics Reflection
These guiding questions assist schools in improving and refining a screening and progress monitoring process.

American Institutes of Research: Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring System Implementation Guide

Evaluate and Refine your Screening and Progress Monitoring Process Worksheet
These guiding questions, adapted from the American Institutes for Research, assist schools in improving and refining a screening and progress monitoring process.


Additional topics of interest for universal screening and progress monitoring

Assessment Literacy

Every Teacher's Guide to Assessment

Center on Response to Intervention: Understanding Types of Assessment

Screening and English Language Learners

WIDA: Developing a Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Approach to RtI for English Language Learners

CAL Center for Applied Linguistics

Center on Instruction: Addressing Promises and Challenges of RtI Models for ELLs

Education Alliance at Brown University: Tools for ELL-Responsive Comprehensive School Reform- Claiming Opportunities: A Handbook for Improving Education for English Language Learners Through Comprehensive School Reform Chapter 5: Tools for ELL-Responsive Comprehensive School Reform

National Center on RtI:  RtI for English Language Learners: Appropriately Using Screening and Progress Monitoring Tools to Improve Instructional Outcomes

Screening and Advanced Learning

Wisconsin DPI Gifted and Talented: Identify Student Needs: A talent development approach

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Commonly Used Targeted Screeners for Gifted Education

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Gifted Education

Screening and Early Childhood

Wisconsin DPI Early Childhood System of Screening and Assessment:

Mary McLean, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Ongoing Assessment Video:

Culturally Responsive Practice

Wisconsin RtI Center: Culturally Responsive Practices

Educator Effectiveness

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Using a Balanced Assessment Framework to Support the SLO Process

Specific Learning Disability

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Progress Monitoring for Specific Learning Disabilities

National Center on Intensive Intervention: Using Academic Progress Monitoring for Individualized Instructional Planning

Progress Monitoring for Reading

Reading Assessment Checklist

Progress Monitoring Measures for Math

Assessing Basic Fact Fluency

Algebra Progress Monitoring Center

Progress Monitoring for Writing and Other Content Areas

Fuchs, L., & Fuchs, D. (2011). Using CBM for progress monitoring in written expression and spelling

Content Area Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring Students Above Benchmark and Gifted/Talented

Wisconsin RtI Center: Goal-Setting and Progress Monitoring Resources for Learners Who Have Exceeded Benchmarks

Colorado Department of Education: The Response to Intervention Framework and Nurturing Potential: Promising Practices (Dr. Robin J. Carey)

Colorado Department of Education: Advanced Learning Plans and SMART Goals

Progress Monitoring and English Language Learners

Center on Response to Intervention: English Learners Screening and Progress Monitoring




About these resources

To effectively respond to the needs of all students, a school needs to have screening and progress monitoring in place. Here are some resources that may be useful towards this effort. Resources will continue to be added, so check back periodically. Face-to-face training in screening and progress monitoring is available from the Wisconsin RtI Center upon request. In addition, the center has other trainings that connect to this work.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Wisconsin RtI Center is not in a position to endorse products. Products listed below are used for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered recommendations.So that you can visualize what these processes might look like in your school, we are presenting you with concrete examples of what schools and districts are using across the state. With a few notable exceptions,* screening and progress monitoring components and processes are local decisions. (*Exceptions: Wisconsin PI 8, statute 121: K-4 reading; Wisconsin SLD Eligibility Rule)