Reviewing Your Selected and Intensive Levels of Support

Learning Module Scenarios

The Wisconsin RtI Center has developed multiple scenarios to illustrate Wisconsin’s vision of a school’s culturally responsive multi-level system of support in action. A range of scenarios is presented to show how systems of support impact students with particular needs in reading or math beyond the Universal level of support. Each scenario includes logical stopping points for facilitators to guide discussion among teams.

The table below lists the scenarios, including the student's name, grade level, content area of interest, as well as the extent to which the student is below or above benchmark. Some scenarios include additional contextual information that may be of particular interest to teams.

Click on the students’ names to access the scenarios.

Student Grade level Content Area Performance compared with benchmark Additional contextual information
Atabei 5th Math Moderately below English Learner
Christie 2nd Reading Significantly below Considering for SLD eligibility
Jamal 9th Reading Moderately above Culturally Responsive Practices: Seeing Possible Self
Maria 7th Reading Significantly below Family Engagement
Ricardo Kindergarten Reading Moderately above Addressing Underserved Population: Advanced Learners
Tamaya 9th Math Moderately below Student mindset
Tim 3rd Math Moderately below Digging deeper processes

 Note: These scenarios were developed as a part of the learning modules for Reviewing Your Selected and Intensive Levels of Support. Click here to find out more about these modules.