Reviewing Your Selected and Intensive Levels of Support

Dig Deeper Learning Module

This module reminds schools to verify the accuracy of screening results and explore system- and student-level root causes to more accurately match supports to what’s needed. Resources include strategies and tools to find out more about the particular needs of students both below and above benchmark, including those specific to math and reading. System-level root cause analysis tools and approaches are also provided, along with resources for family engagement and culturally responsive practices.

To engage your school with this module, we recommend designating a team facilitator. Then, download and print the complete Facilitator Guide and the Wisconsin RtI Center glossary. Also download these Word-fillable addendums from the Facilitator Guide to use with your team: 

Use the Facilitator Guide and links in the steps below to access the materials needed to guide your team through this module.

Steps to complete this module:

  1. Read About this Key Feature (or use the accompanying PowerPoint) and discuss.
  2. Review related vocabulary terms.
  3. Choose guiding questions and complete current status.
  4. Select, read, and discuss a student scenario.
  5. Articulate desired future.
  6. Identify priorities.
  7. Select resources that address identified priorities.
  8. Create a plan of action.


Overview Resources

The following resources are used in the overview section of our one-day Reviewing Your Selected and Intensive Levels of Support training.

Teams may use these resources to review broader multi-level system of support concepts before engaging in specific module content.

Critical Points Within Your Culturally Responsive Selected and Intensive Levels of Support (presentation)

Wisconsin DPI RtI Roadmap (graphic)

Multi-Level System of Support Roadmap

Franklin Elementary: A Multi-Level System Of Support In Action (video)

School-wide Process for Responding to Student Needs