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This just in! 2018-19 Wisconsin RtI Center Annual Report

Culturally Responsive Classroom Management

Effective classroom management has a big impact on student learning. When teachers manage a classroom efficiently, student engagement increases. Just as water and sunshine create conditions for plant growth, competent classroom management creates the conditions for learning.

As educators, we want to skillfully use classroom practices. Our goal is to create a caring environment in which all learners feel connected, safe, and supported.

Updated and improved

The Wisconsin RtI Center has revised and updated a series of modules to support teachers in improving and refining their classroom management skills.

Module 1: Room Arrangement (presentation and material packet)

Module 2: Expectations and Procedures {4 sections; section 1 (expectations and classroom matrix), section 2 (developing procedures), section 3 (teaching routines), section 4 (opportunities to respond), and material packet for all sections of module 2}

Module 3: Acknowledgement {4 sections; section 1 (terminology and building relationships), section 2 (specific, positive feedback), section 3 (token economies), section 4 (group contingencies) and material packet for all sections of module 3}

Module 4: Continuum of Responses to Behavioral Error {5 sections; section 1 (active supervision), section 2 (planned ignoring), section 3 (ABCs of behavior), section 4 (implicit bias), section 5 (continuum of responses), and material packet for all sections of module 4}

Key Resources For Culturally Responsive Classroom Management