Professional Development

Professional development of educators operating within an RtI system is critical to the system’s success. Wisconsin RtI Center has partnered with agencies and professional organizations across the state, such as Wisconsin CESAs, to offer workshops and training to assist educators in implementing RtI processes within their classrooms.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn more about RtI in Wisconsin, or have already begun implementing RtI within the building, continued professional development is necessary for the ultimate success of your district’s RtI implementation. Educator knowledge, guidance and leadership highly affect student success and full RtI implementation.

In addition to workshops and trainings, the Wisconsin RtI Center encourages job-embedded training.  With this style of training, educators learn from other educators within their school or district who are already implementing key areas of the RtI program. School staffs grow together and staff members gain skills by learning from and working with one another. This partnering between staff improves the overall positivity of school culture.

For more information on upcoming workshops or RtI training sessions, please view our calendar of events.

For Coaches

In-district or -school coaches are encouraged to be a member of the RtI Leadership team and attend the team-based trainings.  In addition, the Wisconsin RtI Center will offer training and supports to current in-district and in-school coaches, or to staff members looking to yet receive “coaches skills” training.

Please contact us to learn more about our coaching options.