Guest Speakers

Black or African-American

Alfred Tatum

Geneva Gay

Gloria Ladson-Billings

Gwendolyn Webb-Hasan

Jawanza Kunjufu

Sharroky Hollie

Craig Warner

Henry Drewal – African Art

Taki Raton

Yorel Lashley – Classroom management/community building/Drum Power


Cheng Veng                                                                              

Peng Her


Juan Lopez – Manager of the Bureau of Program Management and Special Populations for the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Gladys Benavides – Cross Cultural Communications Consultant

Cristina Sanchez-Lopez – Education Specialist for the Illinois Resource Center

Jacqueline Ibarren – Wisconsin DPI Consultant

Sylvia Puente – Latino Policy Forum, Executive Director

Gregory Michie – Author, Educator

Ofelia Garcia

American Indian/Alaska Native

David O’Connor

Grandma Green

J.P. Leary

Lisa Poupart

Patty Loew

Priscilla Dessart











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American Indian/Alaska Native

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Guest Speakers 

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Why CRP?

1. Wisconsin students are becoming increasingly diverse.

2. Culturally responsive practices make a difference.

3. RtI is a systems change model that examines universal practices, and monitors who is successful with and without interventions.