Top Six Resources for Engaging Families and Community

In an equitable, multi-level system of supports, families and communities are active partners and key collaborators in achieving success for every learner. 


Defining elements of family and community engagement:

  • Create a welcoming environment
  • Be respectful of families’ home cultures, values, and languages
  • Recognize families as first teachers of, and foremost experts on, their child
  • Include families as meaningful participants in school-level decision making
  • Seek out family perspectives through two-way communication, especially from underserved populations
  • Authentically partner to find solutions and make decisions that impact the child’s learning
  • Empower families through respectful relationships, information and resources, and by connecting families with community assets
  • Beyond the limits of the school day and school year, collaborate with community agencies to create more comprehensive and accessible supports for learners and families
  • Build cultural and linguistic bridges between families and the system


Six resources for engaging with families and your community:

  1. Webpage: Wisconsin RtI Center Family Engagement
  2. Carnegie Report: Engaging Families to Transform Education
  3. Windshield Survey: Know the Communities
  4. How To (for parents): Rock Your Parent-Teacher Conference
  5. PDF: Aligning and Integrating Family Engagement in PBIS
  6. Videos: Department of Public Instruction: Family and Community Engagement



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