Mental Health Supports for ALL



- All Wisconsin Recognized Schools will be announced June 5 via email, social media, and our website

- Apply to the Ultimate Indie Film Festival for Wisconsin Schools through June 15

- Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction School Mental Health Resources

12 Ways Teachers Can Build Their Own Resilience


Three Essential Actions for Supporting Mental Health for ALL Students

Without clear expectations, students can become anxious. Here's Three Essential Actions Schools Can Take to Support Mental Health for All Students in an equitable, multi-level system of supports. 


Authentic Voice: Student

Meet Amalia Perez, a Unified Hero, writer, and musician who shares what it's like to be a Positive Lady Wildcat, a leader, and a role model for friends and her little sister while navigating her journey with depression.


True Colors

2016 Film Festival winner, Lincoln Elementary, shared a video that made us cry and also helped us see the warmth of their staff, students, and Safe School Ambassadors in True Colors.