December 2017 RtI eNews




Our 2016-17 Annual Report

Equity is the heart of Wisconsin RtI Center's framework and embedded into all key system features. Take a look to see how Wisconsin schools are bringing our mission, vision, and beliefs to fruition for WI learners. Download our Annual Report.





Meeting the Needs of All Students

When we examine the system, how are we honoring what students and families are bringing to the school environment? Andreal Davis, Culturally Responsive Practices Coordinator, shares how PBIS can help your school be more culturally responsive in meeting the needs of all students by creating practices that honor & respect learners' culture. Learn more by viewing the PBIS Leadership Interview video (2m 46s). 





Building Relationships

The idea of HOME is not a figure of speech at McNeel Intermediate School, it is an expectation that includes behavior and academic supports where every child receives what they need from someone at their school. McNeel has a strong, consistent leadership team that regularly reviews their system assessment and student-level data. After looking at their suspension data, the team set a goal to work on reducing the high number of suspensions for their underserved students. Take a moment to examine their implementation success story