August 2011

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Wisconsin RtI Foundational Overviews by the Numbers
New to the Wisconsin RtI Center Website
Introducing the Wisconsin RtI Center Support Team for Schools

Coming soon

School-wide Implementation Review (SIR) will be online mid-September.

Wisconsin RtI Foundational Overviews by the Numbers

The Wisconsin RtI Center hosted several Foundational Overviews with each CESA in spring 2011.

  • 1100 participants
  • 95 percent would recommend the training to a colleague
  • 141 Wisconsin school districts represented
  • 286 Wisconsin schools represented
  • 529 teachers
  • 155 principals
  • 130 administrators
  • 127 psychologists, social workers, and counselors
  • 106 academic resource staff
  • 35 coaches and consultants
  • 7 support staff
  • 1 parent
  • 1 school board member

New to the Wisconsin RtI Center Website

The Wisconsin RtI Center is pleased to announce that new resources have been added to the website. The following resources will help schools in their journeys toward implementing high quality RtI systems. More resources will be added later.

Getting Started Implementation Toolkit
School teams should work sequentially through the toolkit documents to ensure a successful RtI system. Included in the toolkit are the following:

  • Getting Started explains the Wisconsin RtI Framework and the steps taken to begin the implementation process.
  • School Readiness Checklist discusses the necessary components to enact successful RtI systems.
  • Commitment for Success Agreement outlines what commitments are needed at the district and school levels to move from purpose building to implementation.
  • RtI Action Plan guides a school team in developing a plan of action based on the results of their School-wide Implementation Review results.

Introducing the Wisconsin RtI Center Support Team for Schools

The Wisconsin RtI Center welcomes the new members of the team -- one statewide coaching coordinator and five regional technical assistance coordinators (RTACs) -- to provide support and technical assistance to schools throughout the state. Their contact information is available online on our Contact Us page.

Coaching Coordinator

The new coaching coordinator, Heidi Laabs, provides statewide support to RtI systems coaches through networking and by training coaches in the skills and dispositions necessary for all coaches regardless of their content or focus. She will focus on systematic school improvement.

Meet Heidi Laabs, Coaching Coordinator
I am a veteran educator with 37 years of experience in Wisconsin schools. I have spent my career in the School District of Waukesha, where I served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. Since retiring in 2007, I have been a REACh initiative mentor in several districts, taught graduate courses on instructional coaching at Cardinal Stritch University, delivered Wisconsin RtI Foundational Overview sessions, and established a private coaching practice for school leaders.

Regional Technical Assistance Coordinators

The RTACs work closely with each of the CESAs in their region as well as with the schools and districts who are investigating or implementing RtI. Please contact the RTAC for your region if you are interested in obtaining assistance with your RtI implementation. More information on the RTACs can be found on our website.

Meet Sarah Nelson, North Region (CESA 8, 9, 12)
I have been the district RtI coordinator, K-12 literacy coach, and Wisconsin Reading Best Practice Model Site coordinator for the Northwood School District. I have also served as the REACh initiative school coordinator and a Title I interventionist. Throughout my 12 years in education, I have focused on differentiated universal instruction and balanced assessment. With my strong literacy coaching background and passion for professional collaboration, I look forward to supporting your school.

Meet Dan Seaman, East Region (CESA 6, 7)
I have been a school psychologist for the Little Chute Area School District developing the identification of students at risk for reading delays by using screening, progress monitoring, and curriculum-based measures. I worked with teams to coordinate interventions for students based on their needs. Throughout my educational career, I have served on RtI teams and literacy committees to create the process of universal screening, interventions, and progress monitoring. My focus has been on team data-based decision making. I look forward to supporting your school.

Meet Heidi Erstad, South Region (CESA 1)
I have been the director of instruction for the Glendale-River Hills School District. My duties were to advocate for, develop, and oversee implementation and evaluation of all district curricular initiatives, including RtI, balanced literacy, curriculum mapping, and technology integration. I have facilitated the district strategic planning process and multi-district strategic action plan. Through my 28 years in education, I have specialized in technology integration, professional learning, and district planning. I look forward to supporting your school.

Meet Laura Gleisner, Southeast Region (CESA 2, 3, 5)
I come to the center from CESA #2, where I have worked for eight of the 16 years that I have been in education. I worked as the Title I consultant supporting districts in Title I law, program development, and evaluation. I also provided professional development in literacy, high quality instruction, designing balanced assessments, and instructional coaching. I most recently served on the statewide school improvement services team in partnership with DPI. Trained as an executive coach and facilitator, I have used these skills to facilitate districts in designing effective RtI models. With almost five years of training and experience as an instructional and leadership coach, I am looking forward to supporting and training others as RtI coaches in their schools and districts.

Meet Jill Koenitzer, West Region (CESA 4, 10, 11)
For eight-and-a-half years I served as the elementary principal for the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District where we developed a high quality RtI program and implemented Professional Learning Communities. Prior to that, I taught educators for UW-La Crosse and Mount Senario College. I also worked as the at risk coordinator for Rice Lake High School. I began my career at Slinger High School as an English teacher, at risk coordinator, and dean of students. Through my 20 years in education, I have specialized in leadership to promote change and best practice, elementary scheduling, and Professional Learning Communities. I look forward to supporting you, your students, and your school in your quest for improved learning for kids.