Wisconsin RtI Center Recognized Schools


Recognizing Progress Toward Full Implementation

Schools across the state that have begun implementating a culturally responsive multi level system of support have been congratulated for their efforts through our recognized schools program.

Our new recognition system continues to commend schools beginning of their journeys, but also congratulate those that are successfully sustaining AND extending them. This is important because research tells us that full implementation leads to improved student outcomes.

Recognition Levels

In Wisconsin, a fully implemented system is culturally responsive, and provides increasing levels of student supports for all content areas.The following table provides a brief summary of the center's criteria for the different levels of recognition:

  • Bronze: At full implementation/fidelity in one content area at the universal level for at least one year 
  • Silver: At full implementation/fidelity in one content area at the universal level for at least two years and selected level for at least one year 
  • Gold: At full implementation/fidelity in two content areas at the universal and selected levels for at least two years 
  • Platinum: At full implementation/fidelity in all three content areas, at all three levels, and for at least three years

A brief overview of criteria can be found on our Recognized Schools At A Glance chart. A more detailed document outlining criteria for each of the levels can be found on our Recognized School Process chart.

Directory of 2016-17 Recognized Schools (Programme PDF)

Click the link above for a printable programme listing all recognized schools at all levels for the current year. 

Recognition Pioneers

When we first started working with schools in 2010, our focus was on helping them get started. Beginning the journey toward full implementation, the following schools were recognized for their willingness to build a foundation that would lead them to full implementation. Their achievements can be found on the Recognition Pioneers webpage.


Frequently Asked Questions

To assist in understanding the new multi-level recognized school process and rationale, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.