Academic Demonstration Schools - Reading

The Wisconsin RtI Center demonstration sites project joins schools in partnership with the Wisconsin RtI Center, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), and the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRtI) to highlight the implementation of the Wisconsin RtI framework. The schools chosen were already implementing RtI; this project aligns their RtI implementation specifically with the Wisconsin RtI framework and evaluates the outcomes. 

The first year of the project included six elementary schools focusing their current RtI implementation efforts on reading. Through this partnership, the demonstration schools received individualized support and technical assistance (training, coaching, and tools) from RtI staff to encourage better alignment to the Wisconsin RtI framework and to evaluate their individual implementation practices. 

Goal of the Demonstration Sites Project

The goal of the demonstration project is to provide an example of how the Wisconsin RtI framework works within a local context and to provide a snapshot of a collaborative implementation process. Specifically, project goals include the following: 

  • Alignment to Wisconsin RtI framework: The demonstration sites exemplify alignment of current RtI implementation to the Wisconsin RtI framework. 
  • Demonstration of Wisconsin RtI implementation and outcomes: Schools demonstrate practices and outcomes as a result of implementing the Wisconsin RtI framework. 
  • Gather results of the center’s technical assistance: The public aspect of the project allows observers to monitor the hands-on guidance provided by the Wisconsin RtI Center (e.g., training sessions, resources, tools). 
  • Recognition of successful schools: This project provides statewide and regional recognition to the demonstration schools as implementers of the Wisconsin RtI framework. 

What People Are Saying

“The demonstration school partnership with the Wisconsin RtI Center allowed us to hear what other schools have been doing, seeing different roles within their system, sharing intervention ideas and resources, and integrating all the lessons learned into how we do business.” – Denmark Elementary and Early Childhood Center School Leadership Team

“The value of this partnership with the Wisconsin RtI Center has been the opportunities provided to build relationships with other demonstration schools and find out what has been working for them and how they have approached different challenges.” – Edgerton Community Elementary School Leadership Team

“The professional development opportunities and continued support by the Wisconsin RtI Center to implement RtI within our district has been very valuable.” – Stanley-Boyd School Leadership Team.   

“Being involved in the demonstration school partnership helped to confirm that RtI is a system for all kids and not just another step toward special education; if a school is open and honest about their data, it’s a fantastic process and you will see improvements.” – Dan Seaman, Regional TAC

School Reports

Composite Report

Barton Elementary School 

Denmark Elementary School and Early Childhood Center

Edgerton Community Elementary School

Marshall Elementary School and Early Childhood Center

Northern Hills Elementary School

Stanley-Boyd Elementary School