RtI Implementation Self-Assessment Tools


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School-wide Implementation Review (SIR)

The SIR is an academic self-assessment focusing on either mathematics or reading. It is used by schools to evaluate system implementation around the Wisconsin RtI framework. The SIR is available at no cost to Wisconsin schools. 

WHY:  The Wisconsin RtI Center staff developed the SIR to answer these primary questions:

  • What does RtI look like in action?
    The SIR helps to operationalize the Wisconsin RtI framework into actionable items so schools can use this information for annual action planning.
  • What does RtI look like in our school?
    The SIR is able to help school teams localize the Wisconsin RtI framework.
  • What are our RtI strengths? Where have we improved? What do we still need to work on?
    The SIR also serves to provide schools with an instrument to monitor annual progress toward full RtI implementation.

It is highly recommended that schools complete the SIR in order to determine their baseline RtI implementation. Schools should plan to retake the SIR annually to monitor progress. 

WHO:  The SIR should be completed by school leadership teams that include a building administrator.

WHEN: It should be taken annually as part of the school district’s action planning process.

HOW:  The SIR is available through the Wisconsin RtI Center website at no cost. Username and password for access to the SIR and reports will be emailed to the building administrator. More information on obtaining a username and password is available on the website. To ensure accuracy, it is recommended that schools completing the SIR for the first time do so as part of the Wisconsin RtI Framework: A Systems Approach to RtI training.


If your team is new to the SIR, we encourage you to contact your regional technical assistance coordinator.  S/he can provide you with options to help your team efficiently and accurately complete this self-assessment, as well as interpret results.

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Action Planning Document
SIR Training Screen Shots
Early Childhood Companion Guide to the School-wide Implementation Review
System Assessments in a Multi-Level System of Support



RtI All-Staff Perception Survey

WHAT: The RtI All-Staff Perception Survey is used by school staff for initial and annual assessment of perceptions of implementation of reading and mathematics multi-level support systems in their school. The survey examines the status and need for improvement of four domains: (a) high quality instruction; (b) balanced assessments; (c) collaboration; and (d) leadership and organizational structures. Each question in the survey relates to one of the four domains.  

WHY: The survey results are summarized and used for a variety of purposes including: 

  • An integral part of decision making and annual action planning for each content area
  • A means for identifying staff awareness of specific RtI practices in a school that may or may not have been implemented
  • A way to compare leadership team perceptions (SIR results) with overall staff perceptions of RtI implementation
  • A way to assess the progress of staff awareness and/or perception on an annual basis
  • A supplement to the SIR, but is not a substitute for the SIR

WHO: All instructional staff in the school should be asked to complete the survey.

WHEN: Initially, it is recommended that staff complete the RtI All-Staff Perceptions Survey after the school leadership team has completed the SIR. In subsequent years, and as an on-going assessment and planning tool, the RtI All-Staff Perception Survey should be completed before the school leadership has completed the SIR. They can then use the results to inform decision making on the SIR. 

HOW: The RtI All-Staff Perception Survey is located on the same dashboard as the SIR accessed by selecting the RtI self-assessment button. No new login is required to access. We require one school staff member to be responsible for setting up and administering the survey to the instructional staff. The survey must be administered electronically in order for a report to be generated. This staff member will need to complete the following activities, prior to disseminating the survey to all staff. 

  1. Select a date range when the survey will be available to staff to complete (open and closed dates).
  2. Select a content area for the focus of the survey (reading or mathematics); the staff will be instructed to complete the survey with this content focus in mind. 
  3. Indicate the specific staff (all staff with administrative staff, all-staff without administrative staff, only reading or only mathematics instructors); the number of staff that will be sent the survey; and how the survey will be administered (e-mail, hard-copy, during a staff meeting). 
  4. Upon completion of the survey, each school will have access to a summary report of the staff’s perceived level of RtI implementation. 
  5. Schools are encouraged to complete the RtI All-Staff Perception Survey annually for continuous improvement and framework implementation progress monitoring.


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System Assessments in a Multi-Level System of Support