Building Culturally Responsive Systems


CR-Technical Assistance Webinars

Culturally Responsive Multi-level System of Support: Using Data
Cultural Practices that are Relevant: The 7 Experiences
Strengthening the WILL Through the INSIDE Out Process
Identity Development and Culturally Responsive Practices


Session 1

Building Culturally Responsive Systems - Session 1 Powerpoint

1.1 Model to Inform Culturally Responsive Practices

1.2 Seven Experiences PD Plan Sheet

1.3 Commitment to Norms

1.4 Racial Autobiography

1.5 Elements of Culture

1.6 Color Activity

1.7 Every Kid Needs A Champion Transcript


Session 2

Building Culturally Responsive Systems - Session 2 Powerpoint

2.1 Personal Biases Survey

2.2 Diversity Wheel

2.3 Asset Based Community Assessment

2.4 Assessment Slide

2.5 Homework

Sessions 1 and 2 Evaluation:



Session 3

Building Culturally Responsive Systems - Session 3 Powerpoint

3.1 Model to Inform Culturally Responsive Practices

3.2 VABB Definitions

3.3 Nguzo Saba

3.4 Ma'at

3.5 Seven Grandfathers Teachings

3.6 Comparative Values

3.7 The Essence of Hmong Identity

3.8 Culturally Relativity Matrix and Continuum 

3.9 The Power of Prior Learning

3.10 We Spoke the Right Things

3.11 More Than Anything Else


Session 4

Building Culturally Responsive Systems - Session 4 Powerpoint

4.1 Our Children Can Soar - Forward

4.2 Assessment Slide

4.3 Homework 

Sessions 3 and 4 Evaluation:


Session 5

 Building Culturally Responsive Systems - Session 5 Powerpoint

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